> > Suppose you have to work with a document or book that uses
>> fonts you do not have: you manually substitute fonts you do
>> have, *and* tell FrameMaker to forget the missing ones, to
>> get rid of all the irritating error messages. <snip>
>Well, you shouldn't have to manually substitute fonts. If you can live
>with the alerts, Remember Missing Font Names takes care of the problem.
>If not, you can make the appropriate substitutions automatic (at least
>on the Windows side) with the proper entries in the Font Options portion
>of the maker.ini file.

You are of course right in your first point, but the issue is that of working 
with a book with many chapters for many weeks: the accumulated time wasted 
clicking the 'Ok' button is considerable, not to mention the irritation factor.

For you second point, yes, for sure - but I'm on a Mac.

>The trick, of course, is coming up with the proper substitutions. See
>the manuals (PDFs) _Customizing FrameMaker_ and _Working on Multiple
>Platforms_ for hints, but they aren't as clear and complete as one might
>hope. :-}

I looked. My brain fried.

> > This discovery came about due to variations in the names of
>> Times New Roman fonts between Mac and PC platforms
>> (TimesNewRomanPS, TimesNewRomanPSMT).
>You can probably resolve a name variation like this with an entry in the
>[WindowsToFrameFontAliases] section of maker.ini.

Yup - if I had a maker.ini.

>The hard part is figuring out the right names to use. It would be nice
>if there were a list of FrameFont names somewhere, with their common
>Windows and Mac equivalents, but I havn't seen one.

That would be good, yes. In Another Part of the Forest, I'm facing the same 
issues with Frutigers.

>...[loads of good stuff]
>That's the theory, anyway... :-)

Thanks for the update. As so often with FrameMaker, there are many ways of 
skinning the cat.

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