Thanks for the response, Rick. I was afraid of something like that since I
wasn't getting any error messages.

And now I have a general question for the list: Does anybody use a content
management system they like?

We have six writers in India and two in South Carolina. Just keeping track
of who has what document is difficult. (Right now, we're putting our
initials on document folders, but that shall I say it...not
robust). In addition, we have at least two parallel releases going on at
all times, but that would be only a minor problem if we had a good
check-in/check-out solution.

Our development team uses CCC Harvest for its check in/check out and
version control, but it does not work well with FrameMaker. And I find
FrameMaker's Compare function unsatisfactory (for example, it indicates
that a table has changed, but not what in particular).

Thank you as always for any ideas.

At wit's end,
Laura Sponhour
Lead Technical Writer


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Hi Laura,

Forgive me for the short answer, but put to put it plainly, WebDAV in
FrameMaker does not work. It is poorly implemented, and it is doubtful that

Adobe will fix it.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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