If it's a decimal tab stop you're talking about, the separator
character can be specified in the Tab set up dialog, so you can
globally switch to a comma and back to a decimal point.

If it's entered manually, I think using wildcards and searching for
.[0-9] would work to find ths strings, but you can't use wildcards to
keep the decimal numbers intact. So if it's entered manually, I'd
think about changing it to a tab-based tag. ;- )


On 2/14/06, Scott White <swhite at alamark.com> wrote:
> Folks
> I have a potential customer from Ireland. We are trying to show him an
> output in Frame using the euro and comma for pricing in a catalog.
> I can replace the dollar sign with the euro symbol easily, but is there a
> way to find and replace in a certain paragraph tag a period we use as a
> decimal point and two numeric characters ($1.00) to a comma and two numeric
> characters (1,00)? Basically substituting our period for the comma.
> Thanks in advance
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