Odd. What does the Book file say? I am not quite clear based on your
earlier post what is the problem.

Some questions:
1. Does the [bookfile-name].book show all the files that you deleted
from the directory or place they used to be at? Then they should
really show the files with a preceding question mark.
2. Did you use the book file to "move" the chapter files?. Then they
should update.
3. Have you checked the Numbering setting of each file in the book
file? If it is set to a specific numbering, you may have to change it
4. By data directory, do you mean the book file or the folder where
you keep the folders?

Best regards,

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

On 2/20/06, John Huntington <jhuntington at runbox.com> wrote:
> Ooops, looks like this never went out!
> John Huntington wrote:
> > Ridder, Fred wrote:
> >> Well, if you do an Update Book operation, FrameMaker opens and saves
> >> all of the active files in your book to update the pagination data,
> I just tried this, and with no changes, it actually only saves the
> TOC/LOF files...
> Thanks, John
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