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At 10:36 AM -0300 2/25/06, Gunnar Carlsson wrote:
>When I create a text box, the text is always placed in the upper left corner.
>There is no problem place the text horizontally (left, right, 
>center), but is there any way to align it vertically?
>It would be very useful to be able to place the text in the bottom 
>of the frame, especially when aligning texts in graphics (my client 
>does not allow "A-texts").

If you're creating text frames within anchored frames, to annotate 
graphics, you can position the text frame itself. These keystroke 
shortcuts position a selected graphic object, such as a text frame, 
within its container. If the selected graphic object is in an 
anchored frame, the anchored frame is the continer. If the selected 
graphic object is on a page, the page is the container.

With a graphic object selected, tap these LOWERCASE keys in sequence 
to move and align the object:

Sequence        Result
Escape j t       Justifies (aligns) selected object vertically to top 
of container
Escape j m      Justifies to middle
Escape j b       Justifies to bottom
Escape j l        Justifies (aligns) selected object horizontally to left
Escape j c        Justifies to center
Escape j r        Justifies to right


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