Frame 7.1p116, Acrobat Pro 7.0.5, Distiller 7.0.0, Win2K (Just
upgraded from Frame 6.0, Acrobat 5.0.5 recently)

I am confused about some settings in Distiller and FrameMaker that
seem to be the same thing...

1. In Frame: Format > Document > PDF Setup... > Settings tab - there
is a checkbox for "View Generated PDF in Acrobat"

2. In Frame: File > Print Book > [Printer] Setup > Properties [of said
printer] > Adobe PDF Settings - there is a checkbox for View Adobe PDF

3. In our custom .joboptions file, under Advanced, we have check
"Allow PostScript file to override Adobe PDF settings". My Distiller
preferences have "View PDF when using Distiller" checked.

I have never gotten number 1 to stay checked.

I get number 2 to stay checked, because I set the Adobe PDF printing
preferences on the Adobe PDF "printer" itself (Windows: Start >
Settings > Printer), and I set the properties of that printer with
"View Adobe PDF results".

What influence do all these items have on each other?
If number 1 never stays checked - is that even a problem when my Adobe
PDF is set to always View PDF results?

The PDF conversion settings info in the Help was not helpful, and I
found nothing in PDF Hacks by Sid Steward that could shed light on
this. And nothing in the archives. My manager is trying to set up a
set of in-house guidelines for these new versions, and she wants
number 1 to be checked. She agrees it is a pain to have to go and set
it every single time you want to print. Considering everything else
that can be checked, is that number 1 a superfluous checkbox?


regards, Karen Mardahl

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