Web support for Adobe Expert Support can take sample files when working on 
technical support issues. In fact, sample files are often encouraged.

The technicians who handle those emails are fully trained by Adobe and have a 
direct line to Adobe for any research needed.

Scott Hamilton

> Thank you for the information !


I believe they're a group of fm experts who work independently;
they're not Adobe employees. So it's up to them whether they want to
deal with files or not. It's been around for a while, dating from the
time period Adobe cut paid support staff and implemented that program
and beefed up the forumns.


On 2/21/06, GILLIOTTE Val?rie <vgilliotte at mega.com 
<http://lists.frameusers.com/mailman/listinfo/framers> > wrote:
> Has anyone tried the Adobe Expert support plan via the Web ?
> I am looking for user feedbacks as I've never read any. I consider suggesting 
> this subscription to my company. Through this plan, is it possible to send 
> some sample files to the Adobe Professionnal or is it only a question & 
> answer type of exchange ?
> Thanks in advance for any information.
> Valerie

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