FrameMaker's clipboard is only one object deep (at least it is in the
Window's versions, can't say for Macintosh) so multiple cut operations
will delete anything except the last item sent to the clipboard via cut
or copy.

I find it far safer to simply select items in front of the unwanted
object via control-click and send them to the back, repeating as
necessary if there is more than one overlying the target of my removal
(e.g. the circle in this case).

You can usually also grab the "background" object alone by
drag-selecting it (hold the left mouse button down and drag a selection
rectangle starting in a position such that you do not enclose the text
frame), and then either delete it, cut it to the clipboard, or bring it
to the front again.

On Monday, January 02, 2006 10:30 PM, hedley.finger at wrote:

| Jill:
| > If anyone is back at work yet - how can I get rid of a graphic I
| 'sent to back'. 
| > In this case it is only a circle. I have looked up help and couldn't
| find anything.
| A graphic exists in a context.  On a page, the context is the page's
| border, so that the graphic is in a z-ordinate or list from front to
| back with everything else on that page.  In an anchored frame, the
| graphic is in a front-to-back list with everything else in the
| anchored frame.
| Save a back up of the file.
| Ctrl-click each item that lies in front of the graphic item. 
| Cut them to the clipboard.
| Click on the unwanted graphic and delete it.
| Select the context: in a page, click in the margin outside the text
| frame, in an anchored frame, Ctrl-click the border.
| It is important to select the context at this point because the x-y 
| coordinates of the items on the clipboard are preserved and applied 
| to position them in their original locations provided they are pasted
|  back into the context whence they were cut.
| Now paste from the clipboard.
| Hope this helps, 
| Hedley

- Lester 
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