Hi Rick,

I don't see the problem. If I Copy Special a Char Format, say the Emphasis 
format, and replace a bolded text by pasting the Char Format, then the text is 
stamped with the Emphasis format - the bold goes away, and the text is 
emphasized. If you later change the format, then the formerly bolded text gets 
changed, too. And that's what I believe Marcus wanted. Be ye the judge, Marcus! 


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> The problem with this approach is that when you choose Edit > 
> Copy Special > Character Format, it copies ALL of the 
> formatting of the selected text, not just those of the 
> character format applied to it. When you replace by pasting, 
> you will be pasting more than just the character format's properties.
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> No need for plugins.
> Select some text formatted with the char format you want to 
> apply. Select Edit - Copy Special - Character Format. Then, 
> in the Find/Replace box, choose to find a character format. 
> Set the dialog to As Is (Shift+F8), and choose Bold in the 
> Weight box. OK out. Then, in the Replace box, choose to 
> replace By Pasting. Replace all, and you should be done.
> HTH,
> -Niels

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