Hi, Bernard.

The XML file does not have tabs, but it does have spaces. Removing the
spaces is fixing the problem.

Thank you for your insight!



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Check if the XML is tab delimited for indents. If so, try to blow them away
and see what that does...


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I am trying to import our data model, which is generated and saved as XML,
into FrameMaker. I created a structured application, complete with DTD and

The process works, but for some reason a hard return appears after every
element. If I open the Structured View, I can see a <WHITESPACE> code that
appears off the tree immediately after each element box.

I have tried specifying the "Line Break as space" in the read write rules,
but that hasn't worked. I think I must be specifying something wrong in the
EDD, but cannot determine what.

Has anyone run into a similar problem and solved it?


Laura Sponhour
Lead Technical Writer


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