Phil Heron wrote:
> Mark,
> In answer to your question about character entities in xml files, here
> are two solutions to your problem:
> 1. Easy solution:

Did that

> 2. More flexible solution
> To use entity definitions stored in a file with structured Frame you
> will need 3 things:
> 1. The file(s) storing the entity definitions.
> 2. A reference to the entity definitions in the DTD
> 3. A reference to the location of the entity definition file(s) in the
> strctured application definition document.

[detailed how-to snipped]

Great explanation. In this case I need to suck in xhtml character 
entities but save out UTF-8-encoded Unicode for the next application in 
the workflow - and this second solution would round-trip the entities, I 
think? Pasting entity declarations into the source file each time I get 
the problem seems the simplest solution.


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