Tammy Van Boening wrote:  

> In an appendix, I have a tag named Head1. After Head1, I have 
> some introductory text tagged as Body or ListBullet. After 
> these tags, I insert a table identifed in the Table Designer 
> as Symbology_Table. Because of the massive volume of 
> information that is required for this table, I have created 
> landscape page. The table flows across several pages. I then 
> repeat this setup for a new round of information - Head1, 
> Body, ListBullet, Symbology Table, etc. I would like all of 
> the pages (save the
> first) in this appendix to use the Landscape page, therefore, 

Take this with a grain of salt, since I have no experience with either
rotated pages or automatically applied master pages. But I think you
should turn the problem around. 

Set up the appendix for landscape pages (make the default master pages
landscape), and then apply a custom master page that's portrait only on
the first page (either manually or based on a tag that occurs at the
start of the file, such as the appendix title). 


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