Hello All,

FrameScript 4 allows you to use Windows COM (or OLE) objects to control 
other applications. For example, you can control Acrobat from FrameMaker via 
FrameScript 4. If you use FrameScript for your FrameMaker to Acrobat 
workflow, you can further process the Acrobat files using FrameScript.

One example is for TimeSavers users. Usually when you use TimeSavers or 
Postscript text frames to create Acrobat objects via Distiller, the document 
needs to be opened and saved after it is created. If you use FrameScript 4 
to create the PDFs, you can open the PDF, save, and close it in the same 

If you have other ideas where this kind of programming would be useful, 
please contact me offlist. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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