The company I work for uses Frame, Interleaf and Word in three separate
offices. (PC version) Management has requested that we create a uniform
style for documentation starting now. They're expecting us to share content
and presumably document templates. In my opinion, all of us should use
Frame, but the Interleaf users have dug in their heels. It's become a
non-constructive us vs. them conflict. As a result, I need to come up with a
list of business reasons why Interleaf is not the correct choice for the

I know of several from prior discussions on the list, but need more.

1. IL to PDF conversions can be less straightforward than Frame to PDF
conversions. Does IL generate bookmarks?
2. Translation memory tools don't support IL, dramatically increasing costs.

3. Interleaf/Quicksilver/Broadvision corp. is far more likely to end up in
Chapter 11 than Adobe. 
4. Frame is more widely used and offers greater compatibility with the rest
of the publishing world. 

Does anyone have any additional words of wisdom? Particularly ones that can
have costs assigned to them?


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