> >So, to restate my question, is there a "silent option" to open files
> >created in a previous version in 7.x?

You might test Mif2Go. It has a feature to
"Wash via MIF" which works also on book files
and in demo mode. The description in the help
file is below.

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Clean a single file

To clean a FrameMaker binary file: with the file open and active, on the 
FrameMaker File menu click Wash Via MIF. Mif2Go does the following:

1.      Saves the file as MIF with extension .tmb (for Temporary MIF Backup), 
to avoid conflict with any existing MIF file of the same name.
2.      Closes the file without saving.
3.      Opens the .tmb MIF file.
4.      Saves the .tmb MIF file as .fm.
5.      Deletes the .tmb MIF file.

Clean all files in a book

To clean all files in a FrameMaker book: with the book file active, hold down 
the Shift key, and on the FrameMaker File menu click Wash All Files in Book Via 
MIF. Mif2Go processes each file in the book as described for Wash Via MIF, 
afterward closing any file that was not open in the first place.

Back-up copies are saved first

If you have set up FrameMaker to save back-up files, when you "wash" files via 
MIF, Mif2Go saves the previous .fm or .book file as filename.backup.fm or 

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