On 25/01/06, Jeremy H. Griffith <jeremy at> wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:14:44 +0100, Jakob Fix <jakob.fix at>
> wrote:
> >I guess one could save the old files in MIF, and load them in 7.x,
> >but how can this be automated?  DZBatcher?  Any other ideas?
> Sure.  Download the free demo version of Mif2Go:
> Install it; you only need to copy the two plugin DLL files,
> m2rbook.dll and m2gframe.dll, to the frame\fminit\plugins
> directory, and delete .cache there. (If you also want to try
> Mif2Go itself, do the full install per the User's Guide.)
> After you restart Frame, you'll see "Wash via MIF" in your
> File menu.  If you shift-File, it does all files in the book.
> Really fast.  Enjoy!
> HTH!
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
>   <jeremy at>

thanks, that seems perfect!  I think we'll get eventually around being
a licence. I've been using the free demo a couple of times for one-off
tasks, but it appears to be constantly useful to me!

Thanks to everybody else for responding, I appreciate it.


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