My attitude about spam is that it's a fair price (on the whole) to pay
for a relatively low-cost, open, and liberal communication resource. I
use my delete key often; it helps exercise my hand!

I recognize, though, that this might not be an option for everyone,
* not everyone has high bandwidth access, so spam costs them significant
extra time and money
* not everyone has relatively unlimited storage space
* not everyone has an ISP/workplace that understands or accepts that one
should not blame the recipient.
* some people use ISP/e-mail providers whose approach to spam is to kill
the fly with an atom bomb, thus
  destroying innocent messages.

I don't believe that we have a useful way of preventing spam. I have
received virus-laden spam in e-mail messages tagged with my own personal
domain! I notified my domain hoster. Beyond that, I don't take
responsibility, and I don't worry.

Someone needs to teach the moderator the basics of e-mail, IMHO. 

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I belong to the TWI (Technical Writers of India) group. Recently the
moderator deplored that some spam came from the members, only to get
reports from the members that their names and email addresses were used
unkown to them for spamming. 

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