Mike Feimster wrote:

> > I believe that FrameMaker drops that formatting when
> > saving as xml. If you are using formats from the character catalog it
> > > save the formatting.

I stupidly replied:

> > Thanks Mike, I've just tried it and it works now using the
> > character catalog. Excellent, that's rather stupid though, 
> > don't you think?

Richard Combs set me straight:

> Well, no. In fact, a recent poll of FrameUsers readers found 
> that 35 out of 37 thought it was rather stupid to apply ad 
> hoc formatting as you did instead of using defined character tags: 

I've just read the relevant thread and I now feel more enlightened. In my
defence I didn't know any better as I've had no formal training in using
FrameMaker. I'm the sole Technical Writer here and kind of got roped into
the position.

Richard asked:

> If you have unstructured, randomly-formatted docs that don't 
> use paragraph and character tags consistently, then what's 
> the point in converting them to XML anyway? 

They do use paragraph and character tags, though rarely for bold and italic.
The XML is for a help system, for which I'm having to provide all my
documents in XML format. I am now paying the price in the conversion to XML,
of both my formatting mistakes and those of my predecessors.

Karen West
Technical Writer
Cyberscience Corp

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