If your output is in PDF format, you might want to consider Buildfire
from convivio.com. It allows you to define one or more PDF files from a
FrameMaker book file. For each PDF definition, you can specify variable
definitions and conditional text settings. 

I use it to produce three distinctly different PDFs from each of my
Frame book files. At production time, Buildfire cranks through the Frame
source, updating variables and conditions on the fly, and spits out
nice, neat PDFs. 

One caveat: Convivio is based in Montreal, so don't plan on needing
support on a Canadian holiday -- and there appear to be lots of them.



Susan Frahm Modlin
Publications Manager, Edusoft
Riverside Publishing, a Houghton Mifflin Company

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That kind of works as a work around. Until I quickly switch from one
book to
another and create the PDF, but forget to reimport the variables.

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