> Thanks for the link.  It lead me to figuring out how to fix it without
> hacking the Registry.  Namely:
> 1) Click Start > Search > For Files or Folders...
> 2) Click the Indexing Service hyperlink in the left pane.
> 3) Click the Advanced button on the newly-displayed Indexing Service
> Settings dialog.
> 4) Click Action > Properties on the newly-displayed Indexing Service 
> window.
> 5) Mark the "Index files with unknown extensions" checkbox and click OK.
> I mention this because the method listed via the link didn't exactly
> apply to my setup.  The neat thing is you don't even have to have the
> Indexing Service activated.

That method works, too, but at the cost of slowing down all searches. As I 
recall, it makes _every_ file searchable, including DLLs and EXEs that are 
normally skipped by the search process because Windows XP knows they are not 
user data file types. This might be desirable, but would be overkill if a 
specific file type or two is all you need to add to the searchable list.

Mike Wickham

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