When you set pagination from the book file, there is also
an option for "Next Available", which is what you need to 
use to eliminate blank pages. This setting has no meaning
in the context of a single file (in an individual file there 
are only left and right pages with no predecessor), so it
is not available until you assemble files into a book.  

BTW, are you aware that you can set the pagination
properties for a group of files at the same time in the book
file?  For example, if you highlight all the files except the 
first one (which does not have a preceding file) in the 
book window and then right-click on the selection you'll
get a pop-up menu where you can select Pagination to
set these properties for all the highlighted files simultaneously.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel. 
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com) 
Parsippany, NJ 


        From: Trish Castin [mailto:pyffe at yahoo.com] 
        Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 9:11 AM
        To: Ridder, Fred
        Subject: RE: Dang Extra Pages!

        It does say "Right" for the 1st Page Side, but I only have a
choice of Right or Left.  For the book file, it's "read from file".

        I always use the View Text Symbols, and yes, they're showing the
end of flows in the right place

        I'm going to see what I can do about changing this Right/Left
bit.  Luckily, this will be converted to HTML as the last stage, so all
this won't matter, but for reviews, I'm getting flak about it.  *sigh*

        Thank you so much for your help!

        "Ridder, Fred" <fred.ridder at intel.com> wrote:

                The "Delete Extra Pages" pagination setting is only part
                the story. What setting are you using for "1st Page
                If it's "Right", that's your problem right there because
                one chapter ends on a right page FrameMaker can't start 
                the next chanter on a right page without inserting a
                left page.

                If that's not it, make sure that your chapters really
end where
                you think they do. Do you have View Text Symbols
                If so, does the end-of-flow mark appear immediately
after your
                last paragraph? With text symbols not showing it's very
                to have a lot of empty paragraphs at the end of a
                And are you sure your chapters begin where you think
                do? If the formatting of the first paragraph in the
                specifies a Top of Left Page or Top of Right Page
                setting, you'll get empty pages at the *start* of some
                Have you looked for invisible content where you don't
expect it?
                Try using Ctrl+A for the Select All in Flow command to
                if the selection extends beyond the end of the text.

                My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
                Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
                Parsippany, NJ

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                Subject: Dang Extra Pages!

                I'm getting so frustrated now... I've tried every trick
I know to get
                my book to stop putting extra pages in at the end of
each chapter. I
                have only L/R Master Pages, have set every file to
"Delete Extra Pages",
                etc., yet every time I regenerate my TOC, they're back.


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