Here are some other solutions: You can buy dedicated fraction fonts from 
Adobe, Monotype, and others. They will usually match a particular typeface; 
for example, Helvetica Fractions matches Helvetica.

Or, if you use a typeface that has a corresponding "Expert" set, you can use 
the Expert font for the fractions. For example, I have Plantin, which has an 
expert font called "Alt Figures." It contains each number in both numerator 
and denominator sizes and positions. The advantage to these numbers is that 
their weight is boosted so that don't look lighter than the surrounding 
characters, even though they are smaller. Its fraction slash is accessed by 
typing a normal forward slash.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Does anyone have any advice on how to express fractions with offset numbers 
and division symbols? I'd like them to appear as they do in Microsoft 
Character Map or Quark (ex. ?). Your suggestions would be greatly 

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