Hi all:

If any of you are looking at Oxygen XML (http://www.oxygenxml.com/) please let 
me know before you commit. I have a promotional offer that allows people to 
save another 15%.

I'm not making anything off it. However, our company presents and shows this 
and more at conferences (we'll be at TriXML [http://conf.travelthepath.com], 
Doctrain [http://www.doctrain.com] and Lavacon [http://www.lavacon.org]). 
SyncRO Soft wanted me to extend an offer to people who attend the conferences 
or courses that I teach.

I thought I'd forward the offer early to anyone who can benefit from it. I'm 
sending this to several list servers, but please email me directly if you want 
the promo code to keep the email volume down.

Thanks in advance,


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
Publishing Smarter

bernard at publishingsmarter.com 


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