Alan Houser wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> This sounds like expected behavior. The rendering engine (FrameMaker)
> generates the text of the cross-reference from the content of the target
> GlossEntry. The GlossSee XML element exported from FrameMaker will have
> no content.

I fear my post was not clear enough.
If I use Frame to open an XML document containing a Glossee element
Frame fails to create a cross reference inside the element.

However, if I insert such an element into the document - along side the
empty elment created when the xml file was read - Frame does insert a
xref. Which suggests that I have correctly defined the element in the edd.

I could simply work round this using Xref elements, which are prefectly
valid and work fine. However, I am sure that using the correct elements
would help anyone else who has to cope with the xml files.


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