Hey everyone (cross-posting to WWP yahoo groups list...really need help

I'm a fairly experienced Frame and Webworks user (9 years), but this is
the first time I've tried contextual help. The user documentation for
ePub 9.2 is pretty thin, but I have successfully inserted my TopicAlias
markers...and they show up in my Webworks reports. So that is all good.

I'm creating contextual help for a Java client (Swing-based). I was
told by development to just pick my own unique IDs and give them to
them along with my help source, and that they would take it from there.
But I guess they figured they would include the URI to the anchor
ID...which is different than the unique TopicAlias marker ID I gave.

I found the topic.js file that contains the mappings...so what do I
tell the developers? To write code to look in this javascript mapping
file and then find the topic? Please help.


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Using pdfFLY (available on Unix, Linux and Windows) you convert any
graphics drawing saved 
in EPS to FrameMaker MIF native format.
Which will solve the jagged edges issue I think.

See http://www.visual-integrity.com for more information.


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