I had a few problems with FM file associations recently when I removed
my old FM7.0 version. I had both FM 7.0 and FM7.2 installed and
double-clicking a FM file opened it in FM7.0.

Once I removed FM7.0 I could no longer open my FM files from Explorer.

To rectify this, I used the fmreg.txt file in the FrameMaker home
directory to update the registry. You can open this file to see what it
does and to read the instructions for using it. (In short, at a Windows
command prompt, change to the FrameMaker program directory and type
"FrameMaker -reg" (without the quotes).

Phil Heron
Technical Writer - CODA

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Howdy, folks. I like to double-click on my FM files to open both the app
and the file. That's just how I like to work. Last week I had a PC crash
and had to rebuild my disk, load apps back on, etc. I'm running FM
7.1p114 on Win XP Pro. After getting my apps back on the hard drive, I
now find that whenever I double-click on an FM file, even when FM is
already open, I get a message like the following:

Cannot find the file named Z:\Release.
Make sure that the file exists.

Now, Z is a mapped drive. The full path is \\rubble\tech pubs\Release

What  appears in the Win Explorer address bar is Z:\Release

I know someone is going to say, "Eek! Spaces in directory names! How
low-class can you be?" Yeah, fine, I'm low-class. The issue is that
heretofore, this action has always worked. I have never before gotten
this error message. I have always been able to double-click a file in
just such a directory structure, and FM has opened it without complaint.

I want it to do so again. Changing the directory structure to eliminate
spaces in names is not an option.

Any ideas why FM is now biffing this simple little task? And how I can
make it go back to business as usual?

thanks, bws

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