According to Shlomo Perets' website
( people have reported issues
with FM7.x and Save As PDF when using Win98, or tagged PDF, or custom
page sizes, or Acrobat 6.x.

We seem to be fine with it, but we're not using any of the above. ;-)

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Diane Gaskill" <dgcaller at> 18/07/06 17:45 >>>
During the years before Frame 7.0 was released, there were many, many
messages on this list regarding using Save As PDF in FM 6.0.  It worked
a few people who happened to have the right printer driver set up but
people complained that they were not getting the results they needed. 
certain Adobe employee who sometimes posts on this list said many
DON'T USE Save As PDF in FM 6.0 because it is badly broken and usually
undesired results.  When FM 7.0 was released, that same employee did
announce on this list that Save As PDF works correctly in FM 7.0 and
was OK
to use.

Personally, however, I still print to postscript and then distill.  It
always works.



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> But, in a nutshell, Save As PDF is problematic in all versions of
> FrameMaker. You may, or may not, experience problems. Using Print to
> File and then Distilling eliminates all of these problems.

I have not had issues since 7.0. I believe it to be finally fixed. But
yes, 6.x and earlier was problemmatic and best to print to file.

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