At 13:11 -0400 19/7/06, Peter Gold wrote:

>I'm using a new (to me) Mac PowerBook. On my other PowerBook, same OS X 
>10.3.9, same Classic 9.22, I can scroll in FM with any of my scroll-wheeled 
>mice. On this new machine, though, I can't. I can't remember installing any 
>special software for the older machine, other than the MS Mouse/Mac software, 
>and I don't see anything in the System Preferences Mouse/Trackpad or MS Mouse 
>control panels, or in the applications or utilities folders.

Most likely it's the configuration of the MS mouse software. However, I note 
you say 'Control panels': for Classic, you should control your mouse from OS X 
System Preferences, and remove the OS 9 Mouse control panel.

I use USB Overdrive, works just fine.


For FrameMaker, it's worth binding a few extra keys, such as Wheel Up and Wheel 
Down to command-[ and command-] - this gives you the nice ability to scroll 
through panes in the Character and Paragraph Designer dialogs with the mouse 

USB Overdrive is a lot more versatile than any Microsoft or Logitech mouse 
software that I've seen. It was only bettered by the late lamented Kensington 
four-button mouse,the one that had all the buttons on the top (as opposed to 
the mice they make today, which appear to be intended for intergalactic aliens 
with two opposing thumbs).

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