Dear Framers

I'm researching an article on the use of FrameMaker for creating 
meta-documents,  that is, documents built using various populations of text 
and/or graphic insets. As this is not something I've actually done myself 'in 
anger', only played with, I'd appreciate any experiences, pitfalls etc. that 
anyone would like to share.

I've identified the following possible options/levels of variant organization:

*  Conditional text insets into anchored frames on master pages can be used to 
switch page backgrounds, ornaments, etc. I have set up a test and verified that 
this works, but I'd be interested to hear whether anyone has made use of this 
method, and if so, for what.

* Conditional text insets into body pages can create variant documents based on 
standard inset files.

* Unconditional text insets into documents can create different document 
versions based on standard inset files  (the 'standard' modular document 

* Multiple book files can create different book versions based on standard 
and/or variant documents.

Are there others?

I will also mention the  use of ur-books to collect all inset files for 
spell-checking, searching and so on.


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