Hi, I have the <common> UNIX/Windows cross-platform  font switching problem.
I'm contracting for a company that normally keeps their docs on a UNIX
server, but I work on them on my laptop.

Rather than remembering/not remembering missing font names, I'd just like to
install Helvetica, Times Roman, and perhaps a couple other fonts that are
similarly in the public domain and commonly seen on the UNIX platform.
However, when I do an internet search on fonts, I get a huge number of
vendors that want to sell me a package of 7,893 (or so) fonts for 69.95 (or
so). Basically a flood of dross. Does anyone have any suggestions as to
where I get just a few of the common fonts that don't come standard on the
Windows platform (like helv, cour, and so forth)? 


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