The TOC and all other generated files are generated by the book, 
so it is perfectly logical that the setup of what paragraphs to extract 
is stored as part of the *book* file rather than the generated file 
itself. How else would you be able to do the initial generation of a 
generated file when you're not using a template file?  What gets 
stored in the TOC file is the *formatting* of the TOC entries, which 
is exactly what you'd expect to find in a TOC template. It all makes 
sense if you think about it. The content of the TOC is generated/ 
updated by the book, so the book controls how the content gets 
generated. The TOC file simply contains and formats the generated 

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We are converting a bunch of books from one template to another. We
want to manually specify the paragraphs formats that are included in the
for each book by moving them around in the Set Up Table of Contents
This information is *not* pulled in by importing styles from a template.
far as we've seen, Karen's method is the only one that works.

Sorta defeats the purpose of a TOC template.


On 7/19/06, Joe Malin <jmalin at> wrote:
> You have to move the styles manually, even if the template TOC file
> styles set up from before. My guess is that FM clears out the old
> information as a "feature"; it only allows you to add paragraph tags
> that are in your existing files, so it must first clear out everything
> that was there from before.

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