Hello Framers,

I have numerous files with many text insets.  Because
these files are shared
among numerous people, at times we need to save the
file and convert all the 
insets to text (by selecting a single inset and then
selecting 'convert
all').  When when we do this, the headings become
disassociated from the
inset text.  The files are set up as:

Heading 1
Text inset 

Heading 1
Text inset

Heading 1
Text inset

After converting to text we end up with:

Text inset
Text inset
Text inset

Heading 1
Heading 1
Heading 1

If I convert the insets individually, it works fine,
but I'd like to avoid 
having to do that.  Also note that when I select the
inset the heading
number for the next heading gets select, not the title
of the next heading,
just the number of the heading.

Do I need some special character inserted somewhere? 
Has anyone seen this 

Thanks in advance,


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