Merry Foxworth wrote: 

> As suggested, I tried to download WinZip.  When I get to the 
> part about what file to zip, I cannot find my FrameMaker 
> files in the list.  It looks like there are older versions of 
> the files, but not the most recent ones, which puzzles me even more.  

Is this part supposed to be Friday humor, or do you really not know how
to navigate your file system? Do you know in which directory (folder)
you saved your FM file? Do you know the directory path and how to change

> Several of you also sent suggestions that are completely 
> Greek to me, because I don't know what steps to take to 
> implement these suggestions.  

Have you tried looking them up in the FM user guide or online help? 

> I am now completely stumped about how to get this file sent.  
> The recipient gets a message that says missing file, but I 
> have no idea how to find such a thing.  I even upgraded to 6 
> MB of DSL for an extra $10/month to send a 4 MB file.  I 
> faxed them a copy so they would at least have it in hard 
> copy, but they need it electronically for their files.

I'm confused. If I remember the original post correctly (and what you
say here seems to confirm it), you already *sent* the FM file to them --
you said they got an error message about a missing graphic when they
opened it. This time, you started by saying you couldn't *find* the FM
file. Huh? 

Did you misspeak above -- is it the *graphic* that you can't find, not
the FM file? You can determine the source of imported graphics by
creating an Index of References (look that up in the FM help). 

Then again, maybe I just don't understand your problem. :-} 


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