Hi David,

Many of the members of our group recently attended an STC telephone
seminar conducted by one of the guys who works with XMetaL. (I was,
unfortunately, unable to attend.) I believe they talked about this tool
as part of the seminar. You might check; I don't know for sure whether
it was recorded. 

I did recently attend an Adobe "webinar" for *their* Frame 7.2 DITA
plug-in. It was excellent and it *was* recorded. If you are interested
in another alternative, you might want to check that one out as well.
The URL for the webinar is:
minar&loc=en_us (Go clear down near the bottom and look for the
"FrameMaker and DITA" link. You will need to create a login, I believe,
but then you should be able to view the presentation. 

Chuck Beck

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Subject: DITA and FrameMaker

Has anyone seen, or looked at, the Mekon/XMetal DITA FrameMaker plug-in?

There was an announcement on July 18th (http://dita.xml.org/node/1384).

 David Spreadbury

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