Nope .. I don't have such a plugin, and I'm not aware of one that would 
help with this (but I've added it to my list of plugins to develop).

I just did some quick testing, and it appears (in FM 7.1) that this 
doesn't affect other marker types .. so in theory, you could rename your 
Cross-Ref markers to some other type, then do the sorting, and rename 
them back to Cross-Refs. You could do this renaming via a global 
search/replace in a MIF file, if there were too many to do manually. Not 
the best option for a clean workflow, but it may be an option.

If you're a FrameScripter, this would probably be a nice little script 
to rename all markers of a given type to another "temporary" marker type.

Good luck!


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Sales at Bright Path wrote:
> Hi Bill:
> Unfortunately, this is a FrameMaker quirk and I think it has been in the
> last 3 releases.  All xref markers go "poof" when you sort the table.
> Unfortunately, the "fix" is to NOT do any sorting after you start placing
> xrefs.
> Russ or Scott, do you have any plug-ins that fix this?
> Kay
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> From: Bill Swallow
> Hi everyone,
> We ran into an interesting issue. When sorting a table, we are noticing that
> the xrefs are broken after the sort. We're running into this a lot now that
> our translations are coming back from the localizers (given the tables need
> to be re-sorted based on the language rules).
> Has anyone else noticed this broken xref issue when sorting tables
> containing xrefs, and does anyone know a workaround other than manually
> sorting the tables?
> Thanks!
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