Just a word of caution about the WebWorks Import Utility: While I agree
that it is generally a very nice tool, it does not handle tables well at
all. So, if you have tables, pay special attention to how they get
imported into Frame. However, Rick Quatro (on this list) has an
excellent Table Cleaner plug-in for Frame that will save you lots of
time cleaning up and formatting tables. 

I've been looking for a long time for a tool that will convert from HTML
(in various flavors) to Frame. The WW Import Utility is the only one
I've found. If there are others, I would like to know about them as

Chuck Beck

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Subject: RE: Decompiling chm Help to Frame 7.2


WebWorks does make a tool called the Import Utility that will import a
.chm file and convert the content to FM. You then need to apply styles
and break the content into chapters (it all goes into one FM file). I've
used it on some RoboHelp projects, and it worked quite well. All
graphics came in and links were good, but links had to be redone after
setting up the individual chapter files.

Disclaimer: I'm a WWP reseller.

There may be other decompilers, but I suspect they won't put the content
directly into an FM doc. Please contact me offlist if you want more

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