Michael Zaichenko wrote: 

> Hello All,
> does anyone have any contact with Meriam-Websters developers, 
> researchers, pro-users - anyone who knows how to access their 
> dictionary and hyphenation modules. I'm trying to use 
> hyphenation options in FM but can't access the modules.

What does "trying to use hyphenation options" mean? You do know about
user and site dictionaries, right? Both are plain text files, easily
manipulated with FrameScript, etc. 

I'm no expert -- I haven't done anything fancy with them, just
bulk-added some entries -- but you can specify hyphenation points for
any word by adding it to the user/site dictionary, and what you specify
will override/replace the existing (built-in) hyphenation. 

Simply enter the word with hyphens wherever you want a hyphenation


You can also prevent a word from being hyphenated -- just precede it
with a hyphen:


Of course, if you want to change 10,000 words, the task might be a bit
daunting. ;-) But maybe there is a text file source for what you want? 


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