Hi Eduardo,

I guess this must be a legacy file from another application, or
someone has actually been using a proprietary Symbol Bold font (there
is at least one existing from ITC).

If you want to get back to the Windows System Symbol font and get rid
of the reference to System Bold, do this:
In the MIF file, with a fair text editor (free: ConTEXT
http://www.context.cx/; free/shareware: TextPad
http://www.textpad.com), find the name of the font in the file and
replace by what you want or need, like FIND: "Symbol Bold" REPLACE
WITH: "Symbol". On this one you could change them all in a flash. I
have done this occasionally removing Arial and replacing with
Helvetica. Works like a charm.

God bless,

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

On 7/30/06, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> At 20:33 -0400 29/7/06, Eduardo F. Cidade, Sr. wrote:
> >Action to date:
> >I generated a list of references>>>fonts to locate the source of the problem
> >and I got a *Symbol* font that is bolded but no Symbol Bold font.
> Hey - always ready to help out a Coastguard: I do voluntary coast-watching 
> here in Cornwall.
> Your problem is a generic one: FrameMaker thinks that your document uses a 
> font, but you cannot find an instance of it. FrameMaker can ferret font 
> definitions away in the most unlikely places. Try saving the file to MIF and 
> then searching the MIF with a text editor to find where Symbol Bold is used. 
> That should tell you whether you can safely tell FrameMaker to ignore the 
> 'missing' font or not.
> Alternatively, consider investing $30 in copies of SiliconPrairie's 
> Character, Paragraph and Table Tool plug-ins. These allow you to generate 
> complete lists of character, paragraph and table format specifications, as 
> well as searching for overrides.
> One or the other of these should allow you to nail the ba... find the errant 
> font ;-)
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