HI All, 
Did anyone come up with a solution for hiding columns in a Table using 
conditional text? 
I know that I can highlight the text and hide the text within the column, but 
then I end up with an empty column. Even though no inside table lines would be 
used, I would end up with alot of space between the end of the column and the 
outer edges of the table. 

I can't reorder the text because the Table is being used as the frame for a 
picture of a phone's display screen.

I can accomplish the same using text boxes in Anchored Frames, but I have the 
same problem with the edge.  Is there any advantage to using Anchored frames 
instead of tables? (size-wise maybe? )

Perhaps the question should be is there a way to create a text box around text 
that conforms to the size of the text (Ventura publisher used to have a feature 
like this, for those of you who used it way back when...)?

Thanks for your help.

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