Hi Eduardo,

Visio is a popular tool with excellent org chart capabilities. You can use 
one of three options when working with Visio and Frame:
- import Visio files into Frame as an object
- convert the Visio file to PDF and import the PDF into Frame
- or convert the Visio file to PDF, save it as an EPS, and import the EPS 
into Frame

If you're committed to using an Adobe application, you can always use 
Illustrator. It's not as intuitive as Visio, but is more than capable of 
producing a high quality org chart. Just make sure you view rulers and grid 
lines and activate the snap feature.

Good luck!

Dave Bills

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> Good evening from the USA
> As we fast approach yet another World Cup (my pick is the USA, naturally), 
> I
> wanted to do a personal project involving Organization Charts in 
> FrameMaker
> to outline the teams leading up to who will be the eventual winner (okay,
> it's a test to see if I can pull this off).
> Amazingly, I can't seem to find a software tool native to FrameMaker that
> creats these types of charts.  Looked in quite a few spots but it's 
> getting
> late (near midnight) and I'm a bit tired.
> Can anyone point me in a good direction.  I have MS Org Chart on my system
> but would rather stay within the Adobe line (consistency).
> Thanks and regards to all.
> Go USA!
> Eduardo
> Eduardo F. Cidade, Sr.
> "Heroes:  Ordinary people...doing extraordinary things...in extraordinary
> times."


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