Don Spencer wrote:

 > ....  Once all the tags over the illustrations match the tags beneath the
 > pictures, format the tag's font to 2 pts and make its color white.  ...

 > The only downside I've discovered is, if one is in Reader and searching the
 > word that matches the caption, "Figure" for example, the cursor will land
 > atop each illustration, finding the invisible word.  Odd maybe, but unlikely
 > to be a problem.

The vast majority of users will probably not notice anything suspicious... 
but white text -- in addition to being searchable -- can be copied/pasted, 
spoken, greeked, displayed (or even printed with some older printer 
drivers/imagesetters). See for 
examples + additional discussion.

Shlomo Perets

Training, consulting & add-ons: FrameMaker, Structured FM and Acrobat

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