Hi Lin,

PageLabeler works fine with 7.2. Here are the most common causes of 

1) In Acrobat, choose Edit > Preferences and select the Page Display 
category. Make sure that Use logical page numbers is checked.

2) If you print to PS, then distill, make sure you are using the Adobe PDF 
(Acrobat 6 and higher) or the Acrobat Distiller (Acrobat 5 and below) 

3) Make sure you include the last component in the book when you print. This 
component is where the page label information is stored.

If you still have problems, please let me know. Thanks.


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Anyone use Rick Quatro's PageLabeler Plugin with Frame 7.2? Is it

I'm trying to get page number prefixes on my Cover and Copyright pages
(a text prefix), but I can't seem to get it to work. Yes, I did RTM, but
either I'm not following directions properly or something else is wrong.

This is more a curiosity than a serious issue, but I thought I'd ask

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