Actually, where I have worked in the past, we used a combination of both
variables *and* conditional text for multiple versions of a product. 

Chuck Beck

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In a situation where only the name changes, I find that it is *much*
more maintainable to use a variable for the product name because you
only have to make a change in one place (the variable's value
definition) when one of the names changes or when a new variant is added
to the list. If you use conditional text for product names, you have to
use Find/Change to locate and update every instance of any name that
changes and you have to add a new condition and explicitly add new
conditionalized content in each appropriate location when a new product
name is added to the list. It's *much* more time consuming and *much*
more prone to errors (particularly considering the shortcomings of
FrameMaker's Find/Change command).

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