See if the dpi setting you're using is 600 dpi, and if it is, set it
to a lower setting.

There was a bug that afflicted this particular combo of settings, went
away for a while, and
has manifested itself (at least on my systems) following an Acrobat 7
automatic upgrade.

The other thing to try is to print to a PS file and use the full
version of Acrobat to distill it.


On 5/31/06, Robert Kern <bob at> wrote:
> I am running Frame 7.2 on XP. After installing 3 FramePlugins from
> Silicon Graphics (two of which I've used for years), when I go to print
> to either my PS laser printer or to PDF, massive amounts of content drop
> out of the output. I rebooted to clear any memory leaks, but it didn't
> fix the problem. Uninstalling the plugins also didn't help, nor did
> reinstalling Frame 7.2. I tried with an older version of Frame 7.1 that
> I still have installed and got the same problem.  So, I'm guessing that
> this is a PS driver issue and am presently downloading PS 3 winsteng
> 1.0.6 to reinstall it.
> Has anybody had this happen to them?  If so, was reinstalling PS printer
> driver the solution?
> What might I have done to corrupt things?
> -bob
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