If you want to do it in Frame, the strategy would be to create a Master page(s)
with either a background text frame with DRAFT in it or a graphic with the text.
(see Master page / background objects in help)

Applying it gets a little tricky. If you have a master template that
you can apply
to all the books, you're in good shape. Make a copy of the template, modify the
master pages with the text, and apply it at the book level.

If you're using multiple designs and templates though, you're probably going to
have to do each book manually.

John's suggestion of using Conditional Text to turn it on and off has merit too.

* A number of printers support this functionality. My HP, for
instance, allows you
to add a watermark, which may be a lot cleaner/easier solution if you
can't easily
update your template / master pages. I think you can also do this in PostScript
if you're printing to .pdf.

* And as a further aside, I add the draft information to the footer of
each page with
a variable instead of messing with the background at all. When the
book goes final
and is ready to print, the part number takes the place of the draft notice.


Then you'd have to

On 6/10/06, Linda Sachs <lsachs2 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I need to add a watermark that says "DRAFT" on all pages of multiple books.
> The FrameMaker help does not mention this anywhere.
> Besides using Framescripts, which the company I work for will not purchase,
> how else can you do this?
> Any help would be most appreciated.
> Linda Sachs
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