Also note that CMYK can very seldom match Pantone or vice versa -- or
whatever other color scheme that is based on pigments added to some
base ink. So if you want an exact Pantone color, make that ready in
some spot color and tell your printshop what exact Pantone (or
whatever else scheme that the printshop has their ink in and you have
agreed to use) number to use.

The printshops' approach is to either get a prefabricated [Pantone]
color ink or make a blend from some basic color inks according to a
Pantone color scheme.

There can also be other things to consider that may affect the final
color, mainly the paper of material to be printed on, its own color
(not all whites are like), etc.

For a final near perfect solution, try to find the best
printers/printshops and talk things out BEFORE you prepare any final
output. Otherwise you may end up with a lot of extra work.

Just my experience having worked at both sides.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson.

On 6/10/06, Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:
> Lester is right! And also be aware that NO, repeat NO,
> repeat yet again NO Windows driver, whether PostScript
> or otherwise, can accept CMYK from applications, except
> for EPS passthrough with the PostScript driver, since
> the Windows imaging model is totally RGB. Drivers can
> output CMYK (as the PostScript driver does), but since
> the input to the driver is GDI and GDI is totally RGB,
> in general, an application program cannot communicate
> CMYK directly to a print driver. This includes FrameMaker,
> with the exception of EPS passthrough.
>         - Dov
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: On Behalf Of Lester C. Smalley
> > Sent: Friday, June 09, 2006 1:55 PM
> > Subject: RE: Colour question
> >
> > As has been repeated in this forum, time and time again, if
> > you are 'printing' to PDF you should be using the Acrobat
> > Distiller print driver, and not the drivers for any specific
> > real or generic device.
> > This should show up in your system (Windows) as the "Adobe
> > PDF" or "Acrobat Distiller" (if you have an older version of
> > Acrobat) printer.
> >
> > While you may not have any immediate problems, there is the
> > strong possibility that the resulting PDF will not be
> > compatible for all devices, or suffer from other problems
> > which will rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune
> > times such as 15 minutes before a critical deadline.....
> >
> > And I am not convinced that the printer drivers in Windows
> > use CMYK - they may, but they may also just use RGB which is
> > what the Windows GDI (Graphic Device Interface) uses as it's
> > default color space.
> >
> > On Friday, June 09, 2006 03:09 PM, Daniel Doornbos wrote:
> >
> > < SNIP >
> >
> > | When you print to PDF, you use a printer driver, either a specific
> color
> > | laser printer or a generic driver. These drivers use CMYK color as
> well,
> > | so again, you are left with an approximation.
> >
> > - Lester
> >
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