Hi all:

As FrameMaker continues to grow in the structure world and DITA/XML are jumping 
into the picture more and more I'm wondering who from the list is going to the 
Tri-XML conference this year? I'll be there and am doing a couple of sessions 
including one on tools in which I show FrameMaker, XMetaL and other software 
working with DITA compliant.

The great thing about the conference is that ALL VENDOR SESSIONS ARE DECLINED. 
That means there are no presentations in which someone says "and buy our 
software/hardware/product/service/solution/package/thing". Instead there is far 
more technical content. Hopefully the organizers of this can do the same things 
with other conferences.

There will be a vendor area where people can talk to whoever is selling stuff, 
so if you attend, do go and talk to the vendors as well.

More info on the conference is at http://www.trixml.org/confindex.shtml

There's also stuff like ATOM, RSS, Blogging and more, but the XML/Frame and 
DITA stuff will be represented.

If you are attending, can you drop me a note (offline) just so that I have an 
idea of how many people from the Frame and DITA lists will be there? Maybe we 
can have a group table at a lunch or something similar.

Thanks all,


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
Publishing Smarter

bernard at publishingsmarter.com 


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