Pearl Rosenberg wrote: 

> I have a 2-column index and it wants to balance the columns 
> no matter what I do.
> I created the Master page for the index a long time ago and I 
> don't remember what I did, but when I view the Master page 
> and select Format/Page Layout/Column, FM tells me I can use 
> this command only on Body pages. When I view the Body page, 
> the Column Layout says one column (even though there are 
> two)and the Balance Columns check box is not checked.

Go to the master page(s) and select the text frame (Ctrl-click it). Then
select Graphics > Object Properties (or right-click and select Object
Properties). In the Customize Text Frame dialog, make sure the 2-column
layout is set up correctly and Balance Columns is unchecked. It sounds
like your body pages may have multiple text frames on top of each other
or otherwise don't match/use the correct master page(s). You may want to
review the manual/help topics on master page usage, reapply master
pages, and delete any text frames that shouldn't be there. 


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