For an M-space, type Esc SPACE m.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi, guys...I'm in FM7 and I need to include a wider than normal
> space. The context is a commnd line interface command line and both I
> and the developers want to make the required spaces in the command
> line a little wider so they aren't missed. 
> The quick kludge I came up with was to create a character style
> called "big-space" and make it the equiv of 18 pt, opposed to the 11
> pt for a normnal space.
> My first choise wouldbe to have a space equiv to an M-dash, maybe
> called M-space?
> Is there such as puppy?  How have you guys addressed this? One way I
> know I don't want to do it is to change a color. Also, we use smart
> spaces, so putting two spaces together is not an option.
> John Posada
> Senior Technical Writer
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