I need to help manage a whole bunch of documents that will come from a
variety of people and offices who will be using MS Word. I will probably
have to use MS Word as well, but I may have some more flexibility on my
I will have to take these Word docs, edit them and impose some sort of
editorial orthodoxy upon them, and then extract some text from some,
generate reports based on information in some, and archive all of them. 
I cannot control much about how the docs are created, but I can request
the creator use a template that I provide, and I can be pretty certain
they will be using MS Word 2003 or later. 

I am seeking a book to guide me through these and associated needs. I do
not need (or really desire) a bible with how to do everything Word is
capable of - I am really just interested in document exchange and
controlling the proliferation of styles. Does anyone here know of such a

John Sgammato
Principal Technical Writer
Imprivata, Inc

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